A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Higgs' Gun is a 3D puzzle platformer. You get a gun that can solidify and un-solidify special materials.

- Moving: WASD or arrow keys by default
- Jumping: Space by default
- Shooting: Left-click by default
- Changing ammo: Scroll wheel by default
- Flashlight: Right-click by default
- Pause: Tab

NOTE: In the web version, if you press Escape, the window will release the mouse. To get the mouse bound to the window again, click on the game, pause and unpause.

This game was also my entry to the 32nd Ludum Dare compo.

You can find the sources for this game (code & assets) in its GitHub repo.

Install instructions

If you're downloading one of the windows versions, just launch the "The-Higgs-Gun.exe" file to play.

If you're downloading the osx version.. I don't have a mac, so sorry, you'll have to figure it out :(

If you're downloading the linux version, pick one of the "The-Higgs-Gun" files, depending on your OS architecture (32bit os -> *.x86", 64bit os -> *.x86_64), make it executable and run that.


The-Higgs-Gun-win32.zip 9 MB
The-Higgs-Gun-linux.zip 22 MB
The-Higgs-Gun-osx.zip 22 MB
The-Higgs-Gun-win64.zip 11 MB

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